Discipleship Stages Book Bundle

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From being a pre-believer in Yeshua to the spiritual maturity of eldership, this book bundle will cover all your discipleship needs! 
Save $13 by purchasing this book bundle. Included in this book bundle:

The Messianic Answer Book: Designed for believers in Yeshua (Jesus) to use in their witness to Jewish people. It addresses some of the most common questions Jewish people have regarding faith in Yeshua as the Messiah.

Messianic DiscipleshipWhether you are Jewish or Gentile, if you have put your trust in Yeshua (Jesus), you are called to be His disciple. Discipleship is the process by which you grow in God’s life and love. This book presents a complete introduction to talmidut, or discipleship, from a Biblically Jewish frame of reference. Designed for one-on-one discipleship, this book walks through Scripture’s teaching regarding your identity in Messiah, and provides core teaching on the spiritual disciplines of prayer, fellowship, studying God’s Word, and sharing your faith. 

Messianic WisdomAs many Jewish people have come to faith in Yeshua (Jesus) in the past century, questions have arisen regarding everyday life issues faced by Messianic believers. Messianic Wisdom gives practical, scriptural counsel that will help steady and assure you in critical areas including: Understanding your identity as a Messianic Jewish or Gentile believer in Yeshua; Torah and the Messianic believer, Choosing a place of worship, Sharing your faith with unbelieving family members, Messianic marriage, Faith and finances, and the celebration of holidays, Bar Mitzvahs, and other events in Jewish life. This is teaching vital for the world-wide Messianic movement today!

Messianic FoundationsEmbedded in this calling from the beginning was God’s plan to redeem all the nations as well. Whether Jewish or Gentile, you are called to represent God’s character and faithfulness in the world. Why are Messianic congregations necessary? Why must the Good News be “to the Jew first?” What does the “fullness of the Gentiles” mean?... This book explores foundational matters which clarify what it means to be faithful to the God of Israel. 

Messianic EldershipHave you ever heard of someone “drawing the target around the arrow”? If a person thinks there are no objective standards, he will live by his personal ideas, and thereby declare that he hits the bullseye every time! This has been especially true regarding spiritual leadership, where alpha personalities are thought of as dynamic leaders, and where eldership is a group of such leader’s cronies. All of this is false, of course, for the Bible gives us the divine standards for leadership in the home and the congregation –and none of which is based on alpha personality or cronyism. Eldership is leadership first in the home, and then for the congregation. For Messiah’s leaders are servants to others, starting with their family and then with His family. 

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